Upstox Pro iOS now available in beta

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Dear traders,

We are excited to announce the launch of Upstox Pro iOS for beta testing. The wait for iOS users is finally over. No longer do you have to be content with a sub-par experience on your Apple device.

As a beta tester, you will have access to our upcoming Upstox Pro for iOS trading platform. Some of the features that you will see in this application are:

Four Segments

Trade in Equity on NSE and BSE, NSE F&O and NSE CDS

Realtime Quotes

Get realtime streaming quotes on your watchlist

Flip through more than 10,000+ instruments on one screen

Seamless Syncing

Sync your watchlist on the Web & Android with Upstox Pro

Please note that this application is still in beta. Notably, you may find some bugs on your devices. If and when you do, we kindly request you to send an email to our support team with your feedback. We are working hard to release newer versions of the app more frequently with enhancements.

Interested in beta testing Upstox Pro iOS? You are just two steps away.

1) Download Apple TestFlight on your iPhone. TestFlight allows you to try out applications not yet released to the general public.

2) Write to with your Apple ID. We will add you to the list of testers.

Once you’re added, you’ll get an email from Apple confirming you as a beta tester. You can then download and update Upstox Pro for iOS from TestFlight.


Shrini Viswanath

  • AMM

    Not able to trade at all. Upstox does not connect at all and placing order via NEST says – insufficient margin while I have more than 50000Rs as margin.

    Backoffice is not opening.

    Your system seems to be down completely.

    You should have a status page where it reports current issues faced so that customers dont keep calling.