Trade Academy is Launched! (Beta)

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Trade Academy

The wait is finally over.

After having received hundreds of emails and phone calls from excited users around the world, we are proud to launch Trade Academy (Beta), our educational portal to increase investor awareness.

Trade Academy incorporates valuable feedback from experts around the world and keeps the learner in mind at every stage.

This is only the start. We are launching with two free courses and shall continue to add courses that cover all aspects of finance at regular intervals.

Today we are proud to say that no portal such as Trade Academy exists in the world. It’s time to revolutionize investor education.

Visit Trade Academy at


  • Sayantan Chakraborty


    It is a good initiative. we expect few more discussion on tracking big moves.

  • Pankaj

    please let me know a when you will update your trading terminal. Nest is unreliable. With every update something goes wrong.

  • Please switch to ODIN DIET, Nest has many issues. Even Trade tiger is way better.

  • amit

    Well done ! _@RKSV,

    First of all i’d like to congrates u all for this wonderfull,motivating initiative
    I want to thank Arun Débiàr sir for this indepth explainatory analysis for small investor it’s a eye opening and guiding article for me and for millions others like me.
    Sir,my name is amit,a research student.

    1 query to Arun Sir-At current scenario of hiked lot size,will it b a smart choice for person with limited money in hands as like the mobile shop person in the article to step in to evn now in FnO segemmt ? what are the alternative we have now?
    Pl Guide.