Become a Sub Broker & make profits

Making more money can be simple! Just become a sub-broker with us, use our easy-to-
understand dashboard & earn profits while you help others trade in the stock markets.

More benefits with high earnings

Helping others trade makes you richer in profits!

Earn a sizeable % of brokerage from every client.

Sign up more traders & earn high profits.

Create & grow a strong trading community.

How to become a sub-broker of Upstox


Register with us as a sub-broking partner.


Impress us with a plan to get more clients.


Get direct access to your sub-broking dashboard.

Best sub-brokers in the game

Our sub-brokers are happy with their profits! Lead the rest by being
one of the best in the business.




Broking Ninja

Brokerage Generated

Rs 12,87,000




Broking Warrior

Brokerage Generated

Rs 10,54,000




Broking Captain

Brokerage Generated

Rs 9,80,000

Names have been changed to protect the sub-broker’s identity but the numbers are real.

One dashboard for everything

Invite & Earn

Simply enter your friend’s or friends of friends’ details to invite them to Upstox.

Earnings Report

Your Dashboard tracks your users & calculates the earnings you generated from them.

Bulk upload your data

Upload all your lists at once & manage your clients with ease, speed & expertise.

Check if you are sub-broker material

Our sub-brokers include finance enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, traders, investors, stock market experts and ordinary people. What do they have in common? They are helpful & that’s why they earn profits.


Do you teach about stock market trading and investing? Refer your friends and students, help them trade and earn profits for yourself.

Office Leaders

You are an expert in your field and lead your team to success. Help your team trade the right way with Upstox.

Social influencers

Gain from your popularity on Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp. Spread the word about stock market trading among your friends.


Review our trading platforms, make videos and share the account opening links with your viewers. Build your audience and earn profits.


You like experimenting with new gadgets & apps. Review our apps and share the love of trading & gaining profits with others.

Reliable resources

People turn to you for credible info. You can provide Rs. 3,000 as a set-up cost to kickstart your sub-broking business.

Got questions? We have the answers

Do you provide a trading terminal?

Just save time and use the Upstox Pro trading suite on mobile & web that helps you trade from anywhere. Track all your leads, customers and profits from your personal control panel that is the Upstox Dashboard.

What is your brokerage sharing model?

Profit per trade is the simple model. Depending on the level of brokerage your clients’ generate, you’ll earn a % as a profit. The more your friends & friends of friends trade—the more you earn.

Do you provide any marketing material?

Our team has got you covered! We’ll send you all the brochures, flyers and company information you need to attract your network of traders and investors.

Do you have any charges?

We charge you Rs 3000 as registration fees out of which Rs 2200 is registration fees from SEBI to get you on onboard. We take Rs 800 as services and handling fees.

Interested in becoming a sub-broker?

Use our easy-to-understand dashboard & earn profits while you help others trade in the stock markets.

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