Trade Academy Scanner Launches


Trade Academy Scanner is aimed at helping Upstox users get access to algorithmic trading, while ensuring that users don’t have to code anything. Its aim to completely take the guesswork out of trading. Algorithmic trading has so far only been done by those who know how to code strategies. That’s a problem, because most of us barely have enough time to trade, let alone code.

Scanner gives Upstox Pro Users Access to Real-Time Trade Signals

That’s the problem the Trade Academy team is trying to solve. Trade Academy has now simplified its model. You can still learn trading strategies for free through webinars and videos. Webinars run every day and the team tries to cover all aspects of practical (not theoretical) trading.

But over the last couple weeks, Trade Academy has ventured into the world of automated algorithmic trading. Trade Academy Scanner launched two weeks ago. The idea behind Scanner was simple: why not leverage algorithms to build automated strategies for traders? Scanner has launched with two strategies. One is a positional strategy called the Edge of Space Method, and the second is an Intraday strategy launching on Wednesday, April 12, 2017. Based on the back-testing results, it’s safe to assume that the user gets a very significant edge.

Upstox Pro users also get real-time trade signals on the app. Whenever a buy or sell signal is generated, Scanner populates trade notifications (this is called 1-Touch Direct Market Access, or 1-Touch DMA for short). Scanner solves an actual problem traders face every day. They have a hard time trusting tips providers since there’s no real way to backtest anything (tips providers rarely have objective trading strategies). But executing trades on your own is also difficult with a full-time job. Scanner is here to solve these problems.

Scanner has launched 13 live trades in two weeks. And they have generated a return of 6.3%. This is equivalent to almost a 400% annual rate of return.

Let us know how you feel about Scanner.

  • Raja Sekhar Reddy

    I tried the scanner. I wish TA will fill the quantity in 1-Touch DMA, without quantity its useless.