October Updates

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Time flies! Can you believe that Diwali is just around the corner?

And how can one celebrate Diwali without sweets! That’s why we are going to launch exciting features and initiatives during this special time of the year. Go ahead and enjoy what we’ve got in store for you during this festive season.

Bracket Orders for Options: Buying and Selling

As you probably know, RKSV was one of the first brokers to enable bracket orders. We have it enabled for all segments except for Options…that is, until NOW!!!

That’s right: Bracket Orders will be enabled for Options buying and selling by this week. In case you want to learn more about bracket orders, click here.

First Glimpses of Trade Academy!

Trade Academy is going to revolutionize the way people learn about trading and investing. We introduced the concept of Trade Academy two months ago…in a few weeks, it will be online and you will finally be able to get yourself educated on trading properly!

And, here’s a nice, “live” preview on the type of amazing high quality education you can expect from this amazing educational initiative. Enjoy.

Glimpses of Trade Academy

NEW advanced charting software…powered by RKSV

In the near future, you will be able to trade right off a chart! Under one comprehensive, end to end software platform, you will be able to:

  • Maximize your profits through powerful charting tools
  • Utilize advanced technical analysis tools right into your trading decisions
  • Algorithmic trading!
  • Backtesting of strategies
  • and a lot, lot more, under one software platform!

We can’t reveal too much right now….after all, why ruin a good surprise 😉 But we are certain that you will be delighted by it!

At RKSV, we believe that the best work is done when everybody is in good spirits. During this Diwali season, our goal is to keep that tradition going.

Happy Trading 🙂


    Hallo Raghu
    When You Launch NEW advanced charting & Trading software And How Much Cost For Retail Clients What About Advantages Future of Full Automatic Algorithmic Trading This Platform And Can We Need NISM For Full Automations Retail Clients ?

    • Hi Rajesh,

      We’re still working out the details, as soon as we know ETA’s and other info we’ll be sure to let you know. Just keep in mind that a new software will be launched within the near future;-)


    • Hi Rajesh,

      Great question. There will be many advantages with the new software, such as being able to trade off of charts, advanced charting tools, backtesting, etc. Sit tight- when we launch it, your questions will get answered 🙂


      • Snake.Head

        Any updates on Trading application
        Current development cycle of application..

        • Hi Snake.Head,

          We just put out a January Updates blog on MarketTalk yesterday.


          In it, we touch upon the development cycle. At this point, we cannot put a hard “stamp” in terms of when a product will be out, because unforeseen circumstances always come about. But we are working hard on the software. That’s really all I can say at this point :-/

          But- we are making tremendous progress. And if you have faith in RKSV, then we request you to wait patiently. The proof WILL be in the pudding! That’s all we can ask from you 🙂


  • Sachin


    When You Launch new advanced charting & Trading software???

    in Which month ???

    • Hi Sachin,

      It probably won’t be this month. As soon as we finalize the date, we’ll be sure to let you know 🙂 Just expect something that will improve your trading experience 😉


    • Hi Sachin,

      We will be launching it soon 🙂 Just working out all the minor issues.


  • mohamed

    Trading right off a chat will be a comfortable option which i found it on other trade software. Looking forward to it so much as u have mentioned it as good surprise..!!

    • Hi Mohamed,

      Absolutely. Imagine being able to trade off a chart using all the different types of orders 😉 Makes life a lot easier 🙂


      • mohamed

        Hi RK
        delighted to see your message in my mailbox. Hope the charts will be useful to predict the intra-day support and resistance.

  • Shashank Jain

    Hi Raghu ,
    I am eagerly waiting for the charting tool if u can’t tell us the exact date kindly tell the approx date of the launch of the software 🙂

    • Hi Shashank,

      I wish I could give you a date, but we have learned our lesson- we are going to sit tight and wait until the product is released. Unforeseen circumstances come about that we simply cannot anticipate. And so, have faith in RKSV’s management- the proof will be in the pudding!

      I can understand your frustrations but we are working very hard to roll this out in a bug-free manner that still satisfies our customers’ needs.

      Best Regards,

  • Sachin

    It will launch in 2014 or 2015…??? Please comment…

  • shrinath mohanan

    Hi Raghu,

    The wait is getting longer and longer !

    • Dear Shrinath,

      We generally only release products once they are, what we seem to be, perfect- or as close as we can get it to perfection! So although we had an earlier launch date in mind, unexpected things came up and we are perfecting the first course. We don’t want to release something our customers won’t love. Rome wasn’t built in one day! Similarly, Apple- a company we at RKSV really look up to due to their methodical approach, had many delays when they released some of their most groundbreaking products.

      We promise to never put out a product that is sub-par, and I can assure you that when we launch Trade Academy combined with India’s best trading software- you will not be disappointed 🙂


    • Hi Shrinath,

      Yes it is, and it is on our side as well! Trust me when I tell you that we are doing everything we can to roll this out in as smooth of a way as possible.

      It can be frustrating, but we are on the same side as you. We do not want to release any bug-ridden software. So we are going to stay patient until we launch something truly extra-ordinary, bug free.

      Sit tight- the wait should not be much longer!


  • Vital Pratap Varma

    How many days we have to wait.It is march now.Please release the software as soon as possible.Can you say any date at least,we will be happy.