“No Strings Attached”- Earn Rs. 1000 per Referral. Intrigued?

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“If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

We have all heard that quote at some point in our lives.

But the problem with that quote is that is applies to the norm. When the norm is broken, we don’t quite know how to deal with it, do we?

And that’s exactly how we wanted to run this promotion- leave you wondering whether this is some cruel early April Fool’s joke.

No Strings Attached

Consider it the greatest promotion you will probably come across for quite some time.

How does it work? Well, it’s really quite simple. (we also wanted to ensure that it was so easy to understand that you could explain it to your friend in 10 seconds or less).

How it works

  1. For every friend you refer, you receive Rs. 1000 in cash. So, if you refer 30 friends, you receive Rs. 30,000 in cash.
  2. Each friend you refer receives Rs. 1000 in brokerage credit. So it makes it super easy for you to get a friend interested in signing up. All account opening fees are waived.
  3. That’s it! As long as your friend places at least one trade, you will receive Rs. 1000 in cash. No questions asked. No strings attached.

The most effective way to refer your friends is to use your customer 4 digit referral code. You can paste it on your Facebook wall, Tweet it, or simply send an email to your friends with the code and a personalized message! If you want to learn more about how you can send an email to all your Facebook and Gmail friends in one go with your 4 digit referral code, check out the video tutorial that teaches you exactly how to do that.

So go ahead:refer, earn, trade, and take advantage of this exclusive offer by RKSV. But you do need to hurry- the promotion only lasts until April 15th, 2015.

PS. And, if you’re still wondering, there truly are no strings attached 😉


  • prerna bajaj

    any chances of offer extension as i completley missed it???

    • Hi Prerna,

      Just ensure that anyone you refer begins the account opening process by the 15th and you’re good to go!


  • Siddhartha Maitra

    The offer really is NOT ‘No Strings Attached’. The sales staff refused to let me refer my family menbers. After some negotiation and threat to consider Zerodha over RKSV, they agreed to extend the benefits to the referee but not me (referrer).

    Clearly a case of misleading advertisement. Raghu, are you listening ?

    • Shrinivas Viswanath

      Hey Siddhartha!

      As a policy, we don’t allow referral sharing income between family members. There has been some abuse in the past so we felt it was best to not permit that. This has always been there in our account opening form rules (http://rksv.in/files/FormA.pdf, page 14, point #5). If we were to bend the rule for one person, it wouldn’t be fair to all the other customers!

      I hope you understand.


      • Subramanyam Sistla

        for the given attachment there is no page 14 and so no rule 5
        pl check