Picking a stock broker in India


There are many stock brokers in India that let you trade in stocks, futures, and other assets. Before selecting a broker, it is important that you know what you want.

  • Do you have experience with share trading?
  • Are you looking to invest your money or to improve your day trading skills?

New Traders

If you do not have prior experience with share trading, we recommend contacting a local investment advisory centre near you. The advisors can explain the basics of asset management, what to expect from share trading and how much is safe to invest based on your financial profile.

Investors and Day Traders

If you do have experience with share trading then ask yourself the following:

    • Am I comfortable managing my portfolio by myself?
    • Do I want to be monitored actively by my broker?
    • Am I comfortable managing my portfolio online i.e. using the web, tablet or phone?
    • Do I want to call my broker every time I place a trade?

Note: Anytime you request the services of the broker, your fees will be much higher versus doing it yourself. “Full service” brokers who offer relationship managers (RMs) to your door, assist you in placing trades collect a hefty fee for doing so. If you are comfortable placing trades on your own using your PC or mobile—a discount broker can provide you a cost savings of up to 90%.

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