How to open a new account?


Account opening is a fairly simple and quick process. 1 KYC form, 2 cheques and 3 ID proofs are all it takes to get started with Upstox.


  1. *NEW* Open an account using out online opening tool at or (if you want to print out a blank form click here). The process takes no more than 10 minutes of your time and asks you for all the required information to open and account.
  2. Print the completed form at the end of the process and sign at all the required areas. Areas requiring signatures are marked with an ‘X’ and highlighted in yellow. There are a total of 10 through 12 signatures (depending on which segments you would like to sign up for).
  3. Affix a recent passport size photograph of yourself on Page 4 and sign across it.
  4. Non-refundable account opening charges are listed on the first page of the application. Please attach a cheque for the specified amount and make it payable to “RKSV Securities India Pvt. Ltd.” For Commodities trading, please attach a cheque for the specified amount and make it payable to “RKSV Commodities India Pvt. Ltd.” Also ensure that you have sufficient bank balance because nobody wants your cheques to bounce!
  5. The cheque for account opening can also be used to tie your primary bank account. Should you wish to use another bank account instead of the one used for the account opening cheque, please attach a separate cancelled cheque for the same.
  6. Mail all the forms to the [Add address here]

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