Finally! RKSV has its own DP (Demat)! Bonus: a year end deal you don’t want to miss out on!

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Celebrating the holidays early with RKSV- We now have our own DP

Finally, RKSV’s DP business is now live!

You no longer have to maintain your Demat account with IL&FS. If you’re an existing customer, life is easy. Here’s what you do.

  • If you’re an existing customer , simply download this form
  • If you’re a new customer, simply download this form.

It’s as simple as that!

But it gets better.

Exclusive: If you open a Demat account by the end of 2015, you will receive a Free Demat and Trading account!

  1. Free account opening across all segments and all plans.
  2. Free Demat Account opening
  3. Zero Demat Transaction Charges

To avail the offer all  you need to do is just ensure that your account opening formalities are completed before 31/12/2015.

DOUBLE BONUS: You will also receive a free trial to test out Upstox Pro, our mobile first trading app that is revolutionizing the way trading is done in India.

Just reply to this email so that we can have our officer contact you to complete the formalities.

You can also call our sales team at +91-22-6130-9999 for any further queries.

Best wishes,

  • Satish Kumar T

    Hi Raghu,
    Great job by you guys in getting own DP for RKSV. I am an existing customer for RKSV and am holding Demat account with IL&FS. I have a couple of questions in this regard.
    1. When I open demat account with RKSV, do i need to manually transfer the existing holdings in IL&FS to the new demat account using Delivery instruction slip? Or RKSV can handle this and transfer the holdings for the existing customers?
    2. Now any trades are done through a benificiary pool account. When customers are using the RKSV demat account, will the shares be delivered directly to the customers demat or they still goes through the benificiary pool account?
    3.Does having own DP enable RKSV to provide a portfolio view of the holdings with realized /unrelized profit/loss ?
    4. As RKSV operates from mumbai and doesnt have branches in any other city, how do I submit the Delivery instruction Slip in case I have to transfer shares to some one else?
    5. The demat form for existing customers is quite confusing. I need some guidance on filling this form. Is there a guideline document for filling this application form?

    Anyways great going guys. Eagerly waiting for Upstox.

  • amarwinsoft

    hai raghu,

    Am an existing client of RKSV with ILFS demat.. i have sent you the account opening document. and other details are mentioned in rksv support ticket: Ticket ID – 152950. kindly reply with that. and also i refer you my friend also add them in my referral account.


  • Anand Dudheliya

    Isn’t there an interactive form for Demat Account? This form needs to be printed and filled.