How do I set a price alert on various scrips?

You can set a price alert on the scrip that you are following.

This means that you will be get notified when the stock reaches a certain price range. The set alert feature can be accessed by clicking on the clock icon on the top right of the scrip overview screen. It can also be accessed from the navigation bar on the left of the home screen.

You can set an alert for the breach of the price that you want the scrip to achieve. This can be for scrips that are falling or rising. It is easy to set an alert within your app. You can choose whether you want to get an alert when the scrip falls below a certain point or rises above a certain point. This can be done by selecting “either less than or equal to” or by selecting “greater than or equal to.” Then you enter the price for which you want the alert and tap on set alert. You will get an alert in the form of a notification on your phone.