What is the Priority Pack? How do I sign up for it?

We, the Upstox Team, have introduced our booster plans for additional Intraday leverage and we call it the “Priority Pack.” We have updated the margin files in our dropbox.

What do you get in a Priority Pack?

Priority Access to Call and Trade Services:

Get your calls answered faster. Get ahead in the game by placing fast and accurate trades with the help of our Call And Trade option.

Priority Tech Support:

Get access to cutting-edge trading platforms and experience all the premium features on Upstox.

Priority Email Support:

Get regular updates and notifications delivered right to your inbox. Fast replies to email queries in case you have any questions. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6l0zfknr60w9vsn/AAAlOU3ohcTfHZG7l6eOzkDOa/Margin%20Limits?dl=0&preview=Priority+Pack.pdf

  • 2X Intraday leverage on option buy with CO/OCO/BO
  • Get upto 7X leverage on Index Futures using CO/OCO/BO
  • No exposure margin levied on Index Futures and Options giving you up to 6X leverage.
  • 20X Intraday leverage on cash (normally 15X) and 25X on using CO/OCO/BO.

These margins are only applicable for Dream, Basic and Pro clients.

For Rs. 999/month (excl. taxes), you can enable it on Equity, FO and Currency and for Rs. 499/month(excl. taxes), you can enable it for Commodities and this amount is non refundable.

Learn more about the Priority Pack here.