How long does it take for my deposit to clear and to be used as tradable margin on my account?

Getting your funds as tradable margin depends on your bank system and connection with Upstox account.

The client will be given tradable margin within 30 mins if the transfer is happening from a registered HDFC bank account. However, if the transfer is happening via NEFT or RTGS, we will need 3-4 hours to update the margin. For instant margin transfer, you should use our built-in pay-in facility that supports over 25 banks.

It is therefore recommended that once you open your account with Upstox, you transfer funds earlier than later in order to not waste a trading opportunity!

What is Tradable Margin?

Margin is another term used to describe your buying power. For example, if you deposit Rs. 50,000, you have Rs. 50,000 in tradable margin. If you are looking to do intra-day trading, Upstox will provide tradable margin so that you can potentially use more than Rs. 50,000. That is, if you close the position within the same day.