What do I do if the index bar does not show up in NEST?

Index bar error is when you are unable to see the realtime movement of indices in a separate dialogue box while you’re trading using NEST Trader.

How to get back your Index Bar?

  1. First, select any scrip in Market watch section of the NEST trader.
  2. Once you do that, Press Ctrl + I. Alternatively, you can also right click, select ‘dialog bars’ and then click on the ‘show index value bar’ option. Either way, a small window will open.
  3. This window will be blank. You will have to right click anywhere on the dialogue box and select ‘Show Indices Dialog’.
  4. You will then be provided multiple of index options. The index you want to monitor would be in the list. Right click on desired index and click on ‘Add to Dlgbar’.

That’s it. Your index bar is now ready.