How can I fix “NEST initialization failed for Interactive Engine”?

This type of error pops up when your Operating System is not connected to our servers.

Here’s what you can do to solve the NEST initialization error:

  1. Correct your System Date and Time.
  2. Check if your system is connected to the Internet properly.
  3. Ensure that the required ports are not blocked.To check whether the required ports are open, open command prompt and type “telnet 56001” as shown here.


Step-by-step to solve the error:

Check your system is on Admin mode or not. Here’s how you can check if you’re in the admin mode or not:

  1. First you have to right click on the NEST launcher.
  2. You will  get Properties  option Click on ”Properties” .
  3. Under Shortcut Tab click on Advance option.
  4. Tick on Run as Administrator.
  5. Click on OK once.
  6. Double click on NEST Launcher.