Upstox makes Reliable’s FoxTrader accessible to everyone


Upstox believes in sharing of trading knowledge. So, when we get a chance to offer you yet another sophisticated trading software, we take it.

Upstox has partnered with Reliable Software to make their trading platform–FoxTrader–accessible to you.

Reliable Software Pvt. Ltd. is well-known for its capital markets’ solutions. It’s charting software Falcon7 has been running successfully for years. Their new software–FoxTrader–is a blend of analytical features of Falcon 7 and trading capabilities. You can analyze markets and use it as a trading application at the same time.

FoxTrader has an immense capacity to handle large data. Their charting tools can hardly be found in any other platform. In my opinion, the best feature in my opinion is that it bridges the gap by bringing data analysis, backtesting and trading under one roof.

Some of the major features of the FoxTrader platform include:

  • Corporate actions adjusted and plotted on charts

  • Automatically recognises patterns on candlesticks, swings, point and figure, renko and kagi charts

  • You can build a holistic trading system with more than 300 indicators, 25+ generic signals, 40+ strategy testing and mathematical line indicators as well

  • Use group charts to pick out strong stocks versus weak ones

  • Stocks classified as per all major indices, sectors and industries

  • Make informed decisions using data of advances and declines, market movers and pivot points

  • Run multiple scanners or a stock screener to find the right stocks for you

  • Run strategies on charts to generate planned orders that you can execute using one-touch technology.

  • Track market events such as: highs, lows, big trades and swing reversals directly in market watch

  • Backtest a strategy with the help of multiple pre-defined parameters

You can execute your orders in FoxTrader with Upstox’ brokerage rates. Rather, you can view your orders executed via FoxTrader in Upstox Pro Web and Pro mobile platforms as well.

FoxTrader is available at a cost but just to start with, the first month of service will be free. You will be allotted some free credit to use the application for a month.

Start now!

  • Dipika Padukon

    upstox can not run with flame mobiles.any flame.
    Upstox is actually downstock

  • murli

    what will the charges????

  • Kalyan Das

    u sud have first one reliable nest trader version for desktop. if any one can he can use falcon separately .but better stil is amibroker with rs 500-800/ monthly data for amibroker if any one want with cash,future and mcx all so may be at this cost it is useless

  • Avinash Rai

    It’s good that you have introduce the FoxTrader with paid service….but as a basic you must provide your own or like Omnysys NEST a free robust feature rich PC desktop platform other than Foxtrader to traders who really do not need this expensive platform !
    Else that will be your business risk to acquire market share in Discount broker market where competition with Zerodha, SAMCO, Tradejini, TradeSmartOnline, SAS Online and many fluded !