Charting just got better with Trade From Charts feature


Most of our traders use the Upstox Pro platform on their phones. Maybe you’re at work and just want to keep tabs on how your favourite stocks in the watchlist are performing. Perhaps, you’ve set price alerts on your Upstox Pro android app to make sure that you never miss an opportunity to place the right trade. Providing fast and accurate trading opportunities is one of our primary goals. To that end, the mobile team decided to bring you—the digital savvy trader, who is comfortable on his smartphone—the Trade From Charts feature. 

Charts are a trader’s best friend. And we don’t want to take you away from your best trading tools. In fact, Trade From Charts is designed to maximise your trading potential from charts.

Let’s say you are tracking a stock’s performance during intraday trading. You choose the candlestick type of chart to identify the best entry and exit points. If you hover over the price point  which the stock is currently at, the exact price will be shown towards the right-hand-side of the screen in a highlighted arrow. 

Now, you’ll see a new menu bar on the left-hand-side of your chart. You have multiple options to choose from in the left panel dashboard: Buy (B), Sell (S), Watchlists, Order Book and Position Book. 

Track stocks on customised watchlists with Upstox Pro mobile

You don’t have to navigate back-and-forth between the tabs and charts in order to check your watchlist. 

How to increase the efficiency, speed and accuracy of your trades using the Trade From Charts feature on Upstox Pro mobile (android): 

  • Choose the scrip you want to track and the chart will be opened automatically.
  • Once you’re ready to place an order you can either click B or S and an order entry form will pop up on your phone screen.

Track charts and find the best entry and exit points while trading from charts

  • You can edit your order according to your preference. You can change the quantity, price (not for market orders), intraday or delivery and order complexity.
  • Make sure you review your order prior to clicking Buy or Sell. To edit your order again, just click the EDIT button on the top-right of the review order dialogue box.
  • Once you click the Buy/Sell button, you’ll be notified about the status of your order within the chart itself. A notification will popup on your chart “Your order has been placed successfully.” 

Place orders while you Trade From Charts with Upstox Pro mobile

  • You can check your closed orders in the ORDER BOOK which is located in the left panel below the watch lists icon. (Hint: Order book icon looks like a bill). 
  • If your order is rejected for some reason, you’ll be able to see it in the ORDER BOOK. Just click the rejected order and it will expand to show you the reason. You can click the RETRY button to edit, review and place the order again. NOTE: You can only see the order of that particular scrip in your order book on the phone. The TFC feature on web shows you ALL your orders. However, on the phone, you can see the order of one particular chosen scrip. 
  • Under the ORDER BOOK option in the left panel you’ll find your POSITION BOOK. You can check the MTM value and also square-off your positions from your phone. You don’t have to rush to your laptop or PC before market closing to square-off your intraday positions. NOTE: You can only see your position on the scrip that you’re viewing in the charts. The TFC feature on web shows ALL your positions. However, on the phone, you can track the position of one particular chosen scrip. 
  • Pramod

    this feature is not efficient. When you click buy order from chart, widget takes long time to appear. By the time widgets appears price moves or one cannot quickly lock in the buy or sell price. Back ground get subdued and barely visible. This itself defeats the feature of trade from chart. Besides, Its not possible to move buy or sell order widgets within the dashboard. I have several mails to support. No improvement so far.

    • Tushar Ranjan Sahoo

      Hi Pramod,

      We will look into this. Can you please let me know the device you are using. Thanks


      • Pramod

        Thanks ! for your prompt response. I am using google chrome on desktop computer.

  • Ram Jadhav

    Upstox Mobile App is awesome faster and user friendly. I love it as it helps in placing orders quicker and chart is helpful.