4000 Reasons to Switch to India’s Leading Broker

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We bet you liked the title!

In the past we ran a Rs. 2000 Switchover plan. The idea was simple: if you switched over from another broker (by providing a contract note), your account was automatically credited with Rs. 2000 to start with.

The response was tremendous! 

And so, to continue our long lasting tradition of being the only brokerage firm in India to (probably) unnecessarily give way too many freebies to our customers, we’re going to do what we do best. We’re doubling up.

That’s right: if you switch over from another broker and join the Dream Plan, we will credit you with Rs. 4000 right away. 

No questions asked. Zero account opening fees. No catches.

Seriously, it does not get better than this.

If you’re trading with any other broker, you have nothing to lose! Just send us a contract note and get a free account opened up with Rs. 4000 credited.

You literally have nothing to lose, but 4000 reasons to win 😉

P.S. If you’re already an RKSV customer, tell your friends about this once in a lifetime deal. It’s the greatest way for you to refer your friends (remember, you get 10% referral credit for life from all friends you refer to RKSV).

Happy trading!


  • Jigar Baldha

    How can i send my contract?

    contact me via email plz.

    • Hi Jigar,

      We would love to contact you. Please shoot us an email at sales@rksv.in or give us a call at 022-6130-9999 and we can provide all the information regarding how to send a contract note to avail the offer.


  • Yoganandham R

    Swichover means I want to lose my current broker?

    • Jayman

      You do not have to lose your current broker. Keep both. Use the one you like.

  • mk

    Do I need to switch the demat also, or can I just open the trading account and retain my existing demat?

    • Swapnil kamble

      Hi mk u don’t need to open a demat Acc u can link the one u got with your broker just open an free trading Acc with rksv

  • roger

    i’m living in USA. Would I be able to open account?

    • Hi Roger,

      Unfortunately, we are still in the process of figuring out how to open accounts for residents in the US/Canada in a streamlined fashion. As of now we are opening NRI accounts from residents in the UAE.


  • Sanjoy Changkakaty

    i am a share khan customer. i want to join in RKSV pro plan, what benefit i will get??

    • Hi Sanjoy,

      The benefits are tremendous. Lower costs, a better trading platform, better customer service- you win from every angle.

      There’s no better way than to open an account and see for yourself! Send in a recent contract note with your account opening documents and you can avail the offer as well.

      Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions!


  • Le Balladeer

    The only problem is the annual fee. Earlier there was no annual fee. Now there are annual fees. So when you advertise zero fees or zero annual fees you conveniently forget to mention the DP charges (or repository, whatever that is called) which is around 200 per year but you probably charge 400 per year.

    That’s a charge and even though you claim you don’t keep that money (maybe you really don’t), you should mention that amount! Because when a consumer comes to you thinking there is “zero annual fee” and then reads your “no hidden cost” no tricks – no catches he or she actually assumes there are zero annual charges and then comes the surprise – oh that fee? Nope, that’s not us. That’s CIBIL or whatever organisation that is. But who pays that? Of course, you – the customer, pays that. So, you see, you actually do the click bait marketing and in that sense and at the ground level you are no different from the older established share trading firms.

    My problem is you conveniently omit one important aspect for low volume traders and that is misleading.

    • Hi Le,

      We actually obtained our own DP this year- so if you opened a Demat account, there would no DP transaction charges.

      Furthermore, we are extending the promotion we had running in December through January. You will not only have zero transaction charges, but also zero Demat account opening charges and free account opening.

      So there is no AMC charge. There is no AMC, period 🙂 There are charges that we pass on, but those are mandatory government charges like STT, SEBI fees, etc. and we charge them on a “per actual” basis.

      I hope that clears any confusion. Do give us a call at 022-6130-9999 for any clarification 🙂 or shoot us an email at sales@rksv.in with any questions you have. We’re always here for you!


      • Le Balladeer

        I can call you or email you, but do you mind answering those questions here itself so that other readers of this post can also benefit:

        1. So when I tried to open an account with you the last time I was told I need to pay some fee which was in the tune of Rs 400 per year (or approx Rs 40 per month – this is the amount IIFL charges me). I was also told this is not something RKSV keeps but it is charged by some other body – if I remember correctly it’s the body it’s the body with whom demat shares are kept – some kind of repository. Do you think even that fee is gone? (Because if you know this IIFL – my current broker – didn’t charge any kind of account maintenance fee

        2. For example: If I open an account with you and buy 100 shares of value 10000 each (so total 1 Lakh rupees) and keep it that way with you for 14 months without selling then in this period do I get charged for any kind of maintenance fee either monthly or annual, either charged by RKSV or by any other entity for those shares? It can be named anything else other than “maintenance” – but I hope you get the idea that shall I have to pay anything to just keep my shared there/parked kind of?

        3. I understand I have to pay fees and percentages or even a fixed amount when I sell or buy those shares but what for the period when I am just keeping those shares there just like that after buying?

        4. Or what about the time when my account with you have zero shares in it (i.e. no investment in my portfolio with you) – do I get anything charged then, for the period when there are no shares in it?

        5. Do you also offer no fringe accounts? And if yes, what is different about them?

        Thank you.

  • prasad

    i am already switch to RKSV but that time offer was 2000. so now can i eligible to get 4000 cashback.

    • Hi Prasad,

      The current promotion is for a 2000 offer. However, since you posted your question 3 months ago, we will go ahead and provide you a 4000 offer. Feel free to contact us at sales@rksv.in or call us at 022-6130-9999 to move forward with your account opening procedure!



    My present broker security charges are very cheap.Th initial money they took for a plan i e Rs 7500 was refunded progressively when they earned brokerage from us. Whether this facility is there in RKSV ? What is RKSV brokerage plans for intra day and delivery. Every think needs to be analysed before changing the present broker because nobody gives and thing for free from their pocket… its only a gimmick and marketing tricks.

    • Hi A D Mitra,

      We do not charge prepaid brokerage 🙂 Our plans are priced extremely lower than the vast majority of brokers. Check out our brokerage calculator tool to see exactly what brokerage charges you would pay through RKSV, and compare that to your present broker.

      You will be pleasantly surprised!

      Here is the link to the calculator.


  • Laxmi Krishnan

    can you please tell me how to open this account with you in order to get a Rs.4000 credit in my trading account. I am currently trading with indiabulls.

    • Hi Laxmi,

      The best way is for a representative to call you and explain everything in detail (although the process is quite simple). Can you send an email to sales@rksv.in? A customer service rep will get in touch with you within 1 business day. Alternatively, you can call us at 022-6130-9999 and speak to us right away.


  • I Dont Know

    I switched over to RKSV! Still waiting an update from support team. I already traded for a day! Everything is same as other broker. They is no anything phenomenal.
    Only the filthy NEST software with little bit speed! I’m waiting for my credit and UPSTOX!

    • Hi there!

      If you’re a customer, you would have received an activation email to begin trading through Upstox. The reviews so far have been tremendous.

      But don’t worry- we are opening Upstox up to everybody in the very near future 😉

      Do let us know if there was any problem in obtaining your credit.


  • I Dont Know

    Please Don’t Expect the piece of cake you are expecting. Do continue with your broker. This offer is just Brokerage Fee they return. When you only trade with them. Not the immediate money get dropped in your account. I fell for this. Please you don’t.

    Kind Regards,
    It’s Just Marketing trick!

    • Hi I Don’t Know,

      This is not a marketing trick 🙂 We provide brokerage credit so that your brokerage charges get completely re-reimbursed for the first Rs. 2000 (it is now 2000, not 4000).

      The goal is to provide the customer the comfort of trading with credit in their account and seeing for themselves that the experience they will have with RKSV is superior to the broker they were trading with earlier.


  • Alwin Don

    Is this the 4000 reasons!?

    • Absolutely! Do let us know if you have any questions.

  • Vijay Herwade

    Please email me necessary information to open new account or better yet call me.

    • Dear Vijay,

      We will definitely do that. Can you send us an email at sales@rksv.in or give us a call at 022-6130-9999? If you send an email we’ll get back to you within a business day. If you call us then you can get all the necessary information right away.

      Don’t hesitate to reply in case you have any questions.


  • Manjunatha

    is this still valid? I am with Skhan. I would love to move out of them if I this offer is extended to the new customers joining in Feb’16